1/4" Clean

1/4" Clean

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Basalt + Without Fines

    • Light grey aggregate that has been crushed.
    • After being crushed it is put through a screen to get 1/4" rock. 
    • Basalt stone.
    • "Clean" meaning without fines.
    • Clean rock will stay in place but will not pack like the crushed rock.
    • Size varies from 3/4"-1 1/4".
    • The go-to stone for most construction projects. 
    • Used for drainage purposes.
    • Used as backfill around the drain pipe. 
    • Also used for backfill behind retaining walls. 
    • Driveways. 
    • Parking areas.
    • Top coating for a driveway. 
    • Can be used for decorative purposes/visual appeal.
    • 1/4″ washed clean crushed stone is also a popular choice for use with rock salt and ice melt.
    • Top coating for a walkway.
    • Can be used to make ready-mix concrete and block mix.
    • Often used as ice traction when mixed with rock salt.
Typical Installation: 
    • 4"-6" layer for the driveway.


    • The thinner this material is spread, the less it will roll around underfoot.
    • Check here for the difference between clean and minus materials.
    • Measure materials guidelines- click here.