Drop Box Container

Need to get rid of dirt, concrete, sod or brush, but you don't have a truck?

we drop it off

you load it 

we haul it away


Empty container + Delivery + Pickup


Zone 1: $120.00 + Material Fee

Zone 2: $160.00 + Material Fee

Zone 3: $200.00 + Material Fee

Zone 4: $264.00 + Material Fee

Zone 5: $344.00 + Material Fee

Hourly: $160.00 + Material Fee

  • Hourly-Outside of Zone 5 or Mutiple trips will be billed hourly. (Minimum 1 Hr. )
  • There is flat fee for delivery and pickup, then you pay for any material you load into container.  
  • Includes a 2 day rental, each additional day is $20.00 
  • When you schedule a dropbox dropoff, we will also schedule a pickup. The default will be two days later excluding Sundays.
  • An amount  equal to the delivery fee will be charged for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice. 
  • We are flexible on pickup date/time, but we need a day's notice. If we arrive at the scheduled time and because of lack of notice from you we have to make an extra trip to your site, you will be charged the equivalent delivery fee for the extra trip. This also applies if you were scheduled for a swap and need only a pickup. So please let us know beforehand to avoid the extra charge.


• DIRT-                                                                             $42.00/YD
• YARD DEBRIS & WOODY BRUSH-            $35.00/YD
• CONCRETE-                                                             $75.00/YD

Check HERE for more details on materials we accept, and how combining them affects prices.

Use the map below to determine your delivery zone:

Dropbox Rental Delivery Zones

How it works:

•  Rent a drop box delivered to your site or home.
•  Once you fill up the drop box with brush, dirt, concrete or sod we will pick it up and haul it away. It will save you a lot of time.
•  Dropbox container fee includes a 2-day rental.
•  Drop boxes are all 12’ long x 8’ wide, and either 3’ or 5’ tall.
•  Our drop box containers can haul 5 yards of dirt, concrete, and sod, or up to 12 yards of brush
•  Our containers have side door access to load, with or without equipment.
•  We have a designated fill line on containers, please do not exceed this line. It will be too heavy to haul. 


What we accept in the Drop Box containers:


5 yards of dirt max
Clean dirt

Silt that breaks apart when handled
Grass with roots and dirt
No plastics
No trash
No metal
No wood
No contaminated soil


Can haul 12 yards of brush max
Clean greens

Branches, and debris from trees
Shrubs and bushes
Leaves, grass clippings, plant materials
Christmas trees
Tree round - no bigger than 18 inches 

Learn more about requirements on what we accept HERE. We do not accept: trash, plastics or hazardous materials.


Can haul 5 yards of concrete max
Small pieces of concrete

Clean concrete
Less than 2 ft. and no thicker than 8 inches
Brick and hardened asphalt
No rebar
No trash
No metal
No grass
No wood
No paint

call us at

2-day rental