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What's the best vehicle to bring in for a pick-up?

Do you help me load or do I load myself?

Do you provide bags or buckets?

If hand loading, how do I know how much material to load?

Can I haul a cubic yard in my pickup truck or trailer?

What materials do you have to pick up in bulk?

How much product will I need?

Can I get less than 1/2 yard of material?


Can I get 1/2 yard of material?

Do you deliver bagged materials?

Do you deliver on Saturdays?

What time of day do you deliver?

What if I'm not home when you deliver?

How will I know when you're coming?

Can you drop-off material on my lawn?

Can you deliver if I'm outside of your delivery zone?

Can I get 2 different materials in the same delivery?

How much is your maximum delivery for soil?

How much bark can I get in 1 delivery trip?

Drop-Off Material

What can I drop-off at your yard?

Do you accept mud?

If I have large concrete pieces, what should I do?

What if I don't have a dump truck?

Do you accept contaminated materials or waste?

Do I have to separate brush and dirt?


Top soil + compost

Do you have fill dirt?

Can I get a price break of large orders?

Rocks + Gravel + Sand

Do you carry granite?

Do you carry black pebbles?


Are the Cedar Play Chips organic?

Are the Fine Dark and Fine Orange bark dyed their color?

Donations + Discounts

Do you provide any discounts?

Do you do donations?