What's the Difference Between Clean and Minus Crushed Rock?

Minus vs clean

Minus Rock:

  • Contains fines + dust.
  • Generally the base layer of ground projects.
  • Small particles of ground rock.
  • Fines help a product compact.
  • Once compacted, a minus product can compact and stay in place.
  • Minus rock is used as the base layer of most projects.
  • We have 1/4” minus, 5/8” minus, and 1 1/4” minus available. 

Clean Rock:

  • Products contain NO fines. 
  • Will not compact.
  • Clean material used as top layer and loser.
  • Clean rock often used for drainage.
  • Used for decoration purposes.
  • Used to add traction. 
  • We have 1/4” clean, 5/8” clean, and 1 1/4” clean  available.