Pathways + Trails

Pathways + Trails:

There as so many different techniques and processes to create a pathway. Many of our customers do it this way:


  • At least 2 ft wide (the best is 3-4 ft). 
  • Put a weed barrier down. 
    • Landscape fabric works great to create a base layer to suppress weeds. (If left for too many seasons weeds and roots can grow into the fabric and be difficult to remove.)
  • You don't need any nutrient providing material for pathways so finding the most inexpensive product that isn't messy tends to work best.
  • If using bark or cedar chips lay down 3-8" of material. 
  • If using gravel we recommend 3-4" layer of 1/4" Minus finished with a 2" layer of 1/4 clean crushed gravel. 

Customers often use:

    • Arborist Chips

    • Cedar Chips Standard

      • Do not mix into your garden that can affect soil nutrient
      • Creates a soft path that is easy to walk on. Can spread and be a bit messy.
    • Gravel- Clean and durable pathway. Great for in between garden beds but not great for open gardens (can be messy and spread gravel)
      • Longest lasting trails
      • Top layer - 2" of 1/4 Clean
      • Base layer - 3-4" of 1/4 Minus compacted down
      • Level surface

Arborist Chips Pathway


Cedar Chips