About Dirt Exchange

Dirt Exchange is a locally owned small business that has been providing dirt and compost for Ballard gardens for more than ten years. Our goal is for you to have the best garden on your block with the highest quality materials.
We provide supplies for Seattle’s yards- from landscaping companies to home gardeners. We want to help feed your family with the most nutrient-rich vegetables you can get but that starts with having the best dirt.
We offer convenience to our customers. There is no other place in the city that you can drop off yard waste (like sod, dirt, concrete or brush) then pick up new fish-compost or drain rock in the same shopping trip, 5 minutes from your house. Many customers say our best deal is our drop-off services and our deliveries. It saves you time and makes your projects easier. We want to simplify your projects and help you out. We also recycle the clean greens that you drop off and try to keep our environment and city cleaner.
We strive to offer you the best deal for your garden. We have the most professional gardeners in Seattle, using our products because, in the end, it saves you money to buy the best gardening products in bulk rather than the bagged supply at a big box store. When you get quality soil, you will be able to see and taste the difference.
We have the basics like cedar grove compost, veggie garden mix, compost, bark, tree mulch, crushed gravel, river rock, paved base, sand, pea gravel, and rockery. Check our website for a variety of products or come down to our yard and see for yourself. Bring in your own vehicle or call us to schedule a delivery! Shop local and come to support Ballard’s Dirt Exchange.