Winterize Your Garden

How to Winterize your garden:

 First, cleanup and remove all of your weeds and harvest any veggies or herbs that won’t survive the winter months. Make sure to check your soil’s PH level. Depending on what you find, add agriculture lime and mix into the soil to neutralize the ph level.

Add a thick 2-3” layer of compost over your entire garden.  We have many options available in bulk at our yard:

Organic compost is a great option for winterizing. It doesn’t have food waste, and is derived from ground wood. 

Cedar Grove compost is not as popular but many customers know this brand well and like the product or don’t. It is made 100% locally from food scraps. Some customers do it n’t love the food scraps being put into their garden.

Fish compost is the most popular product commonly used by customers for winterizing their garden because it is so high in nitrogen and nutrients. It’s great mixed with organic compost or two-way if you want to dull down the nitrogen level.

The thick compost top layer will shield your soil from rain throughout the winter and stop weeds from coming up. This top layer is necessary to help your soil retain key nutrients and soil structure through the winter months.


*Another tip is to make sure to turn off your watering system. Disconnect your system and put away your hose because you won’t be using them during winter months and you don’t want them to freeze and break.


Happy gardening!