What is mulch? What's the difference between mulch and compost?

Difference between mulch and compost

Mulch is an essential tool for your garden. It is a non-living, organic material that should be used to spread across the top of the soil. The difference between the mulch and compost is how you use it in your garden. The purpose is to cover anything planted below the surface. It's best to use organic materials that will decompose over time.

    Benefits of mulching:

    • Suppresses weeds
    • Conserves moisture in the soil
    • Limits the change in soil temperature 

    Many of our products can be used as mulch. It's best to use organic materials that will decompose over time. Our favorites product is in order from best to use as a mulch to least favorite:

      1. Oly Fish Compost *Most professional gardeners use this* 
      2. Cedar Grove Compost
      3. Garden Mulch
      4. Vegetable Garden Mix
      5. Fine Dark Bark
      6. Fine Orange Bark 
      7. Arborist Chips 
      8. Cedar Chips Standard 
      • Wood/bark mulch is popular, but adds no nutrients to soil but is natural and light to carry to different areas and people often choose it for appearance but it takes longer to decompose and doesn't add nutrients to the soil.


      • Because of the climate that we live, (wet and cold) compost is recommended.
      • If applied too early it can prevent growth and block sunlight for young plants.
      • Keep mulch 1-2” from plant stems because a disease could occur.
      • 2 times to apply mulch
        • Spring:
          • Apply a 2-3" layer of compost around the base of crops.
          • Apply mulch after transplants have grown partly to maturity
          • After direct seeded crops have emerged 
        • Fall:
          • Apply a 2-3" layer at the end of the season across the entire garden after you have cleaned out your garden.
          • Protects your garden from snow and rain while adding nutrients from the soil.
      Mulching, Clean up, Winterizing
      Oly Fish Compost used for mulching for the fall.