Russell Wilson Playing Pick Up Football at Dirt Exchange

Russel Wilson

Our small little business got a big phone call right before Memorial Day asking if Seattle's beloved quarterback, Russell Wilson, could come shoot his newest cleat commercial in our dirt yard. We were thrilled!  

We worked with the production team to get the yard ready for a bunch of kiddos, including 3 family members of the owner’s family, to play a game of football with Russell in the video. Wilson and his team at West2East Empire, including creative director Daniel Mogg, produced the video for Russell’s recently released Nike Alpha Menace II Player Edition cleat. They hustled and shot the video in just 1 night of shooting at Dirt Exchange!

“We really wanted to do something that was unique, that stood out, that took me back to when I was a young kid – trying to play late-night football, trying to play late-night baseball – get all the friends together, all the fellows and girls, and we’d play the game together. It was an awesome time, we did a really good job with the shoot, and I thought it turned out really well", said Wilson. 

You can watch the making of the video below:



Russell Wilson dirt Exchange

All of us at Dirt Exchange had such a great experience! We had many of our staff and family at the shoot to watch and participate. Including the 3 kids in the video.  

This was an unforgettable day for our team to host such a big event right in our yard in the great neighborhood of Ballard.