Dirt Exchange Coronavirus Updates

We are honored and grateful for the support we have felt from the businesses and customers around us while we all go through this crazy time together.

It's an important time to stay strong mentally for ourselves, our families and our communities. Therapeutic, stress-reducing gardening activities are such a wonderful thing. For those with kiddos, it’s a great learning experience while you have the time home together. We know that a good garden starts with good dirt. We’ll provide the materials so you can get your hands dirty, creating beautiful yards and gardens. Gardening is not cancelled.

We are still open but making some small changes to ensure safety measures and social distancing for our customers and our employees while still providing you the quality gardening materials items you need. Because we feel in a time like this, gardening is VERY NEEDED.

To help reduce the amount of social contact with others we offer delivery. Our calendar is booking up fast but we are happy to sign you up for the a time that suits you best. Just fill out a delivery request form on our website and we will call you to schedule your delivery.

We are trying to evolve and problem solve to keep going. We have increased the capacity of delivery trucks. Our owner even built a service window facing outside of our building in just a few hours so customers can quickly and easily pay without coming inside. Our employees will be staying in their zones and sanitizing all of our pens, and gear after every interaction. Thankfully, we can still do our business without close interaction. 


Service window

We believe it's important right now to help our community, and customers who also support their own small businesses stay safe.

Here are three great options we provide:

  1. Spring cleanup? Getting rid of material? You can order a drop box container! We drop it off at your house, you fill it with brush, and then we haul it away. Call us to schedule a dropbox delivery.
  2. Bulk material delivery - we have increased our delivery capacity so that you can stay at home.
  3. Walk-up outdoor service window.

Thank you for all of your support and for your optimism to keep going in trying times. We take our dirt seriously and we can't wait to see what you make out of it.


--The Dirt Exchange Team