Ciscoe Morris benefits of Oly Fish Compost

Check out this fun video of Ciscoe Morris talking about the benefits of fish compost.

He says, “This is a gardener’s gold, it’s really nutritious and there is virtually no smell.” He recommends it’s use for two projects: top-dressing lawns and gardens.

For lawns he recommends putting about a 1/2” layer over the lawn and raking it across evenly. It’s adds microorganisms, which will help fight any disease that might occur on the lawn. It will also allow you to water less often.  It’s a really nice thing to do about once a year in early spring.

For gardens he says that OLY Fish Compost is great because it keeps the rain from compacting the soil surface and it’ll slow the evaporation so you won’t have to water as often.


Watch video here