Bagged Oly Fish Compost
Bagged Oly Fish Compost
Bagged Oly Fish Compost
Bagged Oly Fish Compost
Bagged Oly Fish Compost

Bagged Oly Fish Compost

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Locally Made + Approved Organic
    • Amount: 1 cubic foot per bag.
    • Oly Mountain Organic Fish Compost is high quality, mature compost with a number of uses. When used properly, Oly Mountain Fish Compost can improve soil quality which leads to improved plant health
    • Virtually odorless.
    • Made from organic waste, blended hardwoods and Washington native fish.
    • A soil additive that is high in nutrients.
    • High in nitrogen.
    • Quality product that is used by professionals.
    • A little goes a long way.
    • It takes over two years to become a finished product.
    • Most people who try this compost it becomes their new favorite.


    • Attractive soil cover in beds and effective weed mulch.
    • Could be used for plants, fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals.
    • Used for the best tomato yield.
    • Can be used for trees and shrubs.
    • Use when you’re preparing the soil for planting.
    • Use when mulching beds and gardens in spring, summer, or fall.
    • Used as top-dressing lawns in spring or fall.

Typical Installation: 

    • Apply a layer of 2-3" for mulching.
    • Great paired with veggie mix.
    • 3"- veggie mix + 1" -fish compost.
    • Planting new garden beds on lawns: Spread a 2- to 4-inch layer of compost and mix into the upper 6- to 12-inches of existing soil. Use more in sandy soils, and less in heavy clay. Re-apply 1/2 to 1-inch annually on garden beds.
    • Mulching: Spread a 2-inch layer of Fish Compost over the lawn. This will feed the roots for a healthier lawn.
    • Vegetable Gardens: For new vegetable beds add 20% Oly Mountain Fish Compost. Add 4 to 6 inches of compost to existing vegetable beds.
    • Roses, Perennials, and Trees: Use Oly Mountain Fish Compost when planting roses, flowering plants, and trees. This ensures beautiful blooms all season. Always mix compost with the native soil.
    • Blended (Manufactured) Topsoils: Good quality “topsoil” products usually include 10% to 40% compost by volume, mixed with a sandy loam soil that allows good drainage. These compost-soil blends help establish healthy lawns and gardens.


    • Because this compost is so high in nitrogen, many customers will mix it with veggie mix. 
    • Check out our measurements page to see how much you will need. 
    • Check out this page for mulching tips.