Cedar Play Chips
Cedar Play Chips
Cedar Play Chips
Great for pathways in gardens
Cedar Play Chips
Cedar Play Chips
Cedar Play Chips
Cedar Play Chips
Cedar Play Chips

Cedar Play Chips

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Chunky + Non-Bark Chips:

    • Non-treated and environmentally safe.
    • Chunky non-bark chips.
    • Play chips are organically certified.
    • Saves time and money by eliminating annual mulching.
    • Adds beauty and color to landscaping project.
    • Helps suppress weeds by cutting out the light at an appropriate depth. 
    • The most popular choice for pathways.
    • Natural deterrent to insects.
    • Retains moisture to soil underneath.
    • Provides safe and reliable footing.
    • Can be used as decorative ground cover for walkways, flower beds, play areas, garden.
    • Used for play areas - home or school.
    • Used for pet areas (horses, dogs, etc).
    • Excellent for dog kennels because absorbs odor and helps control mud.
    • Can act as a mulch but we recommend using compost or garden mulch with more nutrients. 
    • Provides insulation blanket for your plants during cold winter months.
    • Can be used as a top dressing around the yard. 
Typical Installation: 
All projects and landscapes are different, so make sure to learn about your area before choosing your product. 
    • Play areas are generally 6-9" deep.
    • Pathways are generally a layer 1-3 inches deep. 
    • Pet areas generally have a layer 4-5" deep.


    • Click here for info on pathways and trails. 
    • Mulch tips are listed here
    • Click here for tools and tips to help you measure out your project.